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The agile NoSQL query language for semi-structured data

#Python #NoSQL #Javascript #JSON #nested-array-object

ObjectPath is a query language similar to XPath or JSONPath, but much more powerful thanks to embedded arithmetic calculations, comparison mechanisms and built-in functions. This makes the language more like SQL in terms of expressiveness, but it works over JSON documents rather than relations. ObjectPath can be considered a full-featured expression language. Besides selector mechanism there is also boolean logic, type system and string concatenation available. On top of that, the language implementations (Python at the moment; Javascript is in beta!) are secure and relatively fast.

More at ObjectPath site

ObjectPath img

ObjectPath makes it easy to find data in big nested JSON documents. It borrows the best parts from E4X, JSONPath, XPath and SQL. ObjectPath is to JSON documents what XPath is to XML. Other examples to ilustrate this kind of relationship are:

Scope Language
text documents regular expression
HTML CSS selectors
JSON documents ObjectPath


ObjectPath Reference

Command line usage

$ sudo pip install objectpath
$ objectpath file.json


$ git clone
$ cd ObjectPath
$ python file.json

Python usage

$ sudo pip install objectpath
$ python
>>> from objectpath import *
>>> tree=Tree({"a":1})
>>> tree.execute("$.a")
$ git clone
$ cd ObjectPath
$ python
>>> from objectpath import *
>>> tree=Tree({"a":1})
>>> tree.execute("$.a")

Contributing & bugs

I appreciate all contributions and bugfix requests for ObjectPath, however since I don't code in Python anymore, this library is not maintained as of now. Since I can't fully assure that code contributed by others meets quality standards, I can't accept PRs.

If you feel you could maintain this code, ping me. I'd be more than happy to transfer this repo to a dedicated ObjectPath organization on GitHub and give the ownership to someone with more time for this project than me.



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