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A Powerline segment for showing the status of your Docker containers
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Powerline Docker PyPI version

A Powerline segment for showing the status of your Docker containers.

This segment shows the number of running, paused, exited, and restarting containers together with a nice looking whale. Please feel free to propose more features and give me ideas on how to improve it.


  • : n containers running
  • ~: n containers paused
  • : n containers exited
  • : n containers restarting


The Docker segment requires docker and docker-py.


Installing the Docker segment can be done with pip:

$ pip install powerline-docker

The Docker segment uses a couple of custom highlight groups. You'll need to define those groups in your colorscheme, for example in .config/powerline/colorschemes/default.json:

  "groups": {
    "docker":                    { "fg": "gray8",           "bg": "darkestblue", "attrs": [] },
    "docker_running":            { "fg": "green",           "bg": "darkestblue", "attrs": [] },
    "docker_paused":             { "fg": "brightestorange", "bg": "darkestblue", "attrs": [] },
    "docker_exited":             { "fg": "brightred",       "bg": "darkestblue", "attrs": [] },
    "docker_restarting":         { "fg": "gray10",          "bg": "darkestblue", "attrs": [] },
    "docker:divider":            { "fg": "gray4",           "bg": "darkestblue", "attrs": [] }

Then you can activate the Docker segment by adding it to your segment configuration, for example in .config/powerline/themes/shell/default.json:

    "function": "powerline_docker.docker",
    "priority": 30

By default the segment tries to connect to the Docker engine at unix://var/run/docker.sock, which is where it lives on most Unix systems. If your Docker engine is not living there, you can change the URL with the base_url argument. You can also change the timeout for API calls, which is set to 2 seconds by default.

The following configuration enables TLS and works with Docker Machine.

    "function": "powerline_docker.docker",
    "priority": 30,
    "args": {
      "base_url": "tcp://",
      "timeout": 2,
      "use_tls": true,
      "ca_cert": "/path/to/ca.pem",
      "client_cert": "/path/to/cert.pem",
      "client_key": "/path/to/key.pem"


Licensed under the MIT License.

Inspired by powerline-gitstatus.

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