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Fixed #2234 - form hijacking wasn't respecting allowCrossDomainPages,…

… now it does!
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commit 88754ac1643a133686b72520d24e32524a737452 1 parent ff93c76
@adrianpike authored
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6 js/
@@ -1256,8 +1256,10 @@
url = path.makeUrlAbsolute( url, getClosestBaseUrl($this) );
- //external submits use regular HTTP
- if( path.isExternal( url ) || target ) {
+ // More info about what's going on here is up in useDefaultUrlHandling in the Click routing.
+ // Basically if we loaded via file:// and we've got "allowCrossDomainPages" true, we should use changePage.
+ isCrossDomainPageLoad = ( $.mobile.allowCrossDomainPages && documentUrl.protocol === "file:");

I'm under the impression that the allowCrossDomainPages attribute was put in place to handle CORS requests but the variable name and the logical and operator seem to suggest that cross domain page loads are confined to those made with the file protocol. Was that the intention?

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+ if(( path.isExternal( url ) && !isCrossDomainPageLoad) || target ) {

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Yes - I'm basically using the same functionality @jblas put in place under the click handler.
(Better comment here:

Looks like this was originally set up in 2aab30b

I'd be definitely fine with making it wide open if allowCrossDomainPages is true, but I didn't want to do anything too dangerous, so I stuck with just bringing the clickhandler stuff over for forms. :)

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