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collects data from bellingham cold storage, and displays it nicer



  • Some usage copy (hover over lines for more information and correct timezone…)
  • wind direction graphs
  • have a global that represents the next update time, it can be displayed to the user, and all js assets can expire at that time
  • Panning
    • indicate “Last Observation” for current panned state
    • indication of current day
  • fix flot so that the horizontal scale is in PST not UTC
  • display relevant metrics (maxes and mins for interesting things)
  • the entire javascript could use a refactor
  • rain fall? (if bellcold fixes it)
  • wrote a compression script, that runs on the daily cron, done, but the following fixes will be needed
    • yearly and monthly are having problems, do they reveal a bug that the others have as well?
    • make perty buttons


if you would like to help make any of these things happen, please fork this project on github

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