Laptop is a shell script that turns your Mac OS X laptop into an awesome development machine.
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Laptop is a script to set up a Mac OS X laptop for Rails development.


1) Install a C compiler.

Use OS X GCC Installer for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6).

Use Command Line Tools for XCode for Lion (OS X 10.7) or Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8).

2) Set zsh as your login shell.

chsh -s /bin/zsh

3) Install VirtualBox for vagrant


Run the script:

zsh < <(curl -s

What it sets up

  • Ack for finding things in files
  • Bundler gem for managing Ruby libraries
  • Foreman gem for serving apps locally
  • Homebrew for managing operating system libraries
  • Postgres for storing relational data
  • PostGIS for storing geo-spatial data
  • Redis for storing key-value data
  • Python, Ruby and Node for writing general-purpose code
  • Virtualenv and VirtualenvWrapper for managing python virtual environments
  • RVM for managing versions of the Ruby programming language
  • SSH public key for authenticating with Github and Heroku
  • Tmux for saving project state and switching between projects

It should take less than 30 minutes to install (depends on your machine).



Laptop is maintained and funded by thoughtbot, inc. The names and logos for thoughtbot are trademarks of thoughtbot, inc.

Thank you, contributors!


Laptop is © 2011-2012 thoughtbot, inc. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.