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Push It - pure CSS push buttons

Check out what these pushovers look like: Demo

Push It has a github page!


How to use

Just download the file and open the button.css file in the css folder or download the repo directly

git clone git@github.com:adrianrodriguez/push_it.git

In the folder you will also see a button.sass file if you're using compass/sass. This is something I use all the time and makes for easy color scheming of your buttons.

All you need to do is pick a color of yours and then adjust the lightness/darkness of it. For Ex:

  @include background-image(linear-gradient(top center, #0192f7, darken(#0192f7, 15%)))
  // border needs to match the background color of the bevel
  border: solid 1px darken(#0192f7, 20%) 

...and for the bevel area

  background: darken(#0192f7, 20%)

..of course adjust to your liking, but it's as simple as that.

I wish I had a place to host small splash site: cssbutton.html, but right now I don't so I can't share the cool looking splash page.

This is my first github project, so bear with me. I am totally open to questions, suggestions, comments, advice, praise, etc...

Thanks for checking this out!