A command line utility to show London bus arrival times at bus stops
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A command line utility to show bus arrival times at bus stops in London. Like the countdown boards at the bus stops but in your Terminal.


By Adrian Short and Paul Battley.

The data is from Transport for London's unofficial Countdown API.

The official TfL Countdown apps are: big web, little web and accessible.

This is an unofficial third party app. The authors are not responsible for TfL nor is TfL responsible for them.


Install the countdown gem:

$ gem install countdown

Download the configuration file and save it in your home directory (~) as .countdown.yml

Give it a quick test:

$ countdown
Sutton Common Road (50799)
93    Putney Bridge        due
93    Putney Bridge        5 min
413   Morden               7 min
413   Morden               21 min
93    Putney Bridge        26 min

Ash Road (50823)
93    North Cheam          3 min
93    North Cheam          3 min
93    North Cheam          13 min
413   Sutton Garage        15 min
93    North Cheam          18 min
93    North Cheam          22 min

Edit your configuration file to include the locations and stops you use. You can have as many locations and stops as you like. Use TfL's Countdown website to find the stop IDs.


Show the bus arrival times for your default location (i.e. the first entry in your config file):

$ countdown

Show bus arrival times for another location:

$ countdown morden

Location names are not case sensitive.