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gRPC Demo Client and Server app.
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A gRPC Demo for .NET with a client and a server app.


This demo shows the basic principles of gRPC. The gRPC client calls the server and sends its IP address. The gRPC server provides geo information like country, city longitude and latitude for a given IP address.

Remote Procedure Calls with G!

The system was initiated by Google and is now driven by a larger community, so the best start is to visit the website. GRPC is an efficient language neutral framework to connect applications, based on HTTP/2 and Protocol Buffers, alias protobuf.


  • GrpcGeo.Domain - contains the protobuf file a d compiles the classes for the gRPC client and server.
  • GrpcGeo.Client - .NET Core console app that connects to a gRPC server on the localhost.
  • GrpcGeo.Server - .NET Core console app that provides a service that needs the IP address and returns the geo information.

Have a nice day!
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