Xamarin.Android Binding for the java Dolby API
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Xamarin.Android Binding for the Dolby Java API

The DolbyAPI solution contains two projects:

DolbyAPI: a Xamarin.Android java binding project for the Dolby API

DolbyTest: a Xamarin.Android test appication demonstrates the API in C#

DolbyTest2: a Xamarin.Android test appication separating the Dolby Listener code from the Activity

*** Required ***

Xamarin.Android http://www.xamarin.com

The Dolby Android Java API http://developer.dolby.com/tools-tech.aspx

At the time of writing it's been tested with versions 1.0.0 & 1.1.0 of the Dolby API

To hear the Dolby API working you'll need an Andrdoid device with Dolby hardware.
Ex: Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, etc.

*** Installation ***

Download the Android Dolby API http://developer.dolby.com/tools-tech.aspx Extract the dolby_audio_processing.jar from the Library folder Add dolby_audio_processing.jar to the "Jars" folder of the DolbyAPI project Make sure the build action is set to "EmbeddedJar"

*** Running the test App ***

Once you've completed the Installation you should be able to build the DolbyAPI project. The DolbyTest project references a DLL created by the DolbyAPI.

You should now be able to run/debug the DolbyTest project on an Android device containing Dolby hardware.

*** Differences from documented Java Dolby API ***

OnDolbyAudioProcessingListener inferface has been replaced by IDolbyAudioProcessingListener

Change .Enabled property of an instance of DolbyAudioProcessing to enable/disable Dolby Processing instead of using .setAudioProcessingEnabled()

Other DolbyAudioProcessing methods have simplified method names

(section incomplete)

*** About ***

This source code may be used without restriction

You can find the latest version on github: https://github.com/adrianstevens/XamarinAndroid-Dolby

If you'd like contribute improvements please e-mail info@beetrootsoftware.com

DolbyAPI Solution was created by Adrian Stevens & BeetRoot Software For more information please visit: http://www.beetrootsoftware.com http://www.themethodology.net

This project is not associated with Dobly Laboratories Inc. or Xamarin Inc.