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See it: Screencast demo on vimeo

These instructions assume an OSX development environment and a server running Ubuntu.

Stylr is a game in which the user swipes left or right on photos of various women's fashion items to register his/her preference. At the end, the game reveals the user's style profile category, which he/she can then share with friends.

Stylr is wrapped with Cordova to be run natively on mobile devices. It is written in Javascript, CSS and HTML and uses the Ionic Framework and AngularJS on the client side. The API server is an Express (NodeJS) server and the data is served by a MongoDB instance on MongoLab. Facebook sharing authorization is implememted using Firebase Simple Login.

###Running the app locally: Stylr was developed in the browser using Chome Canary's mobile emulator.

git clone
cd stylr
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 

View the app: http://localhost:8000/www

###Building to iOS: Download the latest Xcode from the App Store.


npm install -g cordova

In the root directory:

cordova platform add ios
cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.core.inappbrowser
cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.core.splashscreen
cordova build ios

###Deploying the server: The server is located on the server_master branch of the repo. This is where the server should clone from during deployment. The stylr-server/ directory in the master branch will not be up-to-date!

On the server, we suggest installing tmux or a similar terminal multiplexer:

sudo apt-get install tmux

On the server run:

git clone -b server_master
cd stylr/stylr-server
npm install
npm start


Because we edited much of the Ionic source, it's best to package our working version with the repo instead of using the canonical version from a package manager.

Styles are edited in a few places...

  • using SASS: www/lib/scss/custom-variables.scss

and compiling to:

  • www/lib/css/ionic.3.19.14.css

and also in raw CSS:

  • www/lib/css/ionic.3.19.14.css
  • www/css/app.css

Don't forget to configure the server's environment for database credentials:

export STYLR_PORT='80';
export STYLR_DB='xxx'

Send us a message to request credentials information. Thanks!


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