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A mock interactive U.S. election map built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
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Mock Interactive U.S. Election Map

Built using...

  • HTML(5)
  • CSS
  • Javascript (DOM & map.js 3rd party script)

What is this project about?

This is an extra project to practice basic Javascript and DOM to build an interactive election map. The user can move the cursor over the state and it will reveal the state election results (based on Electoral College votes) and also provided the overall winner among the two candidates.

Because this is a mock project, I used two of my favorite members from one of my favorite J-Pop (Japanese Pop) boy groups, JO1, as my two mock candidate names for the project.

The map was created by utilizing a third party script, map.js, to use its features and build the interactivity of the entire map and basic DOM.

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