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A simple online clock site/app featuring LOL cats
HTML JavaScript CSS
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Built using...

  • HTML(5)
  • CSS
  • Javascript

What is the LOLCAT Clock?

A LOLCAT Clock is an online web site/web app built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It will display different types of LOL cats and accompanying captions gathered from around the net based on the time the script automatically detects.

The clock features dropdown times that designated what is Wake Up time, Lunch Time, and Nap Time. There is also a PARTY TIME button in which you can click when it's time for you to party.

This is an experimental script and will plan on expanding it sometime in the future.

To-Do List

  • Make the site responsive.
  • Create side projects using this as a base framework.
  • Change colors and content based on various themes.
  • (Possibly) re-code Javascript to ES6+
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