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A Magic 8 Ball fortune telling app
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Magic 8 Ball

Built using...

  • HTML(5)
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

What is the Magic 8 Ball?

This fortune telling web app is basically an online/web version of the classic fortune telling gag toy "Magic 8 Ball." It's shaped like the 8 ball like you see from billiard tables and pool tables. The user will click the Ask Me Anything button, the ball shakes, and types in a "YES"/"NO"-type of question. The ball will provide its answer for that user.

The web app featuers the following:

  • It has 20 "YES"/"NO" answers to provide, provided at random.
  • The image on the "8" changes as it provides the surprise answer.
  • The ball shakes prior to asking the user to answer the question.

Future Plans/Features

I'll be recreating this based on my favorite fandom themes. I may even change the "answer" images as well (instead of the red triangle background). I'll also make it a bit fancier, like different eye-popping fonts, etc. But I don't plan on doing any of this anytime soon.


  • Make the page/site responsive before using it as base template
  • Change and/or add answers
  • Change colors
  • (Probably) re-code using ES6+
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