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Jointly Learning Environments and Control Policies with Projected Stochastic Gradient Ascent

This repository implements a library for joint design and control of environments. More details on the theoretical background can be found in the following article:

Bolland, A., Boukas, I., Berger, M., & Ernst, D. (2022). Jointly Learning Environments and Control Policies with Projected Stochastic Gradient Ascent. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 73, 117-171.

Code organisation

The optimization of an environment and its control policy is divided into three main parts.

First, the environment to be optimized must be provided. Such an environment implements the base abstract class provided in system/ Three environments are already implemented in the library:

  • DroneTrajectory models the dynamics of a drone that shall fly on an elliptical trajectory;
  • ComplexMGSystem implements the dynamics of a solar off-grid microgrid in which we operate a generator and a battery for supplying the electricity consumption of a load at low cost;
  • MSDSystem provides an implementation of a mass-spring-damper system that shall be maintained at a reference position.

Second, agents implementing the abstract class from agent/ provide the behaviour to adopt in an environment. They can be separated into rule-based agents (agent/rules) and trainable agents (agent/trainable). The latter agents depend on parametric models where some parameters shall be learned with an algorithm. Two noteworthy agents provided in agent/trainable/DESGA are:

  • DSSAAgent for Deterministic System and Stochastic control Agent;
  • S3AAgent for Stochastic System and Stochastic control Agent.

The first agents select deterministically an environment and stochastically the actions to perform in the environment. The second selects both decisions stochastically. These two agents depend on parametric models implemented in model/decision and model/investement for control and design decisions, respectively.

Finally, trainable agents can be trained in environments using algorithms implementing the abstract class from algo/ Two algorithm for jointly designing and controlling environments are implemented:

  • ReinforceDESGA implementing Direct Environment and Policy Search (DEPS) proposed by Bolland et al, 2021;
  • PPOJODC implementing Joint Optimization of Design and Control (JODC) proposed by Schaff et al, 2019.

A tutorial notebook using DEPS for optimizing the MSD environment is provided in example/msd_ex1.ipynb.

Create virtual environment

Create a virtual environment venvDEPS:

python3 -m venv venvDEPS

Activate the environment:

source venvDEPS/bin/activate

Install the requirements:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt --extra-index-url

Launching experiments

Out-of-the-box experiments can be launched from json configuration files with the following command:

python -conf config_file.json [-s seed] [-v|-vv]

Configuration files for the three environments are provided in config_drone, config_cmg, and config_msd.


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