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Audio Streamer allow to convert virtually any audio file format to a mp3 stream or file
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Audio Streamer allow to convert virtually any audio file format to a mp3 stream or file.

Published under the LGPL licence.

In order to work, this class needs external decoding/encoding tool.
You can find the list of usefull decoders and encoders below,
you can comment or decomment decoder/encoder line to match with your actual 
server configuration.

By exemple, if your lame version has been compiled with ogg support,
you can use lame with --ogginput, so decomment the third lines of decoders and encoders and
comment the fourth line of decoder.

If you don't have ffmpeg available, you can comment all ffmpeg decoder lines.
And if ffmpeg is installed, check what formats are supported 
(i.e witch libraries are on your system) with the command line `ffmpeg -formats`.
You must comment all unsupported formats, and/or add lines for the supported ones.

You can even use a general option for all unspecified formats by uncommenting the * line,
if theire is no specific decoder, the class will try to decode the audio file 
with the * decoder (ffmpeg by default)

This class should works on windows and *nix systems, for windows system you'll need to install
the tee utilitie ( to use the save_stream() method (or you'll need to rewrite it).

All listed decoders should be available for both systems.
I join the lame encoder for window and debian, this should be usefull for most people.

This class is not complete and not documented, sorry, i want to add an internal cache sytem, 
but i know that you can use any personnal caching system for a custom solution 
by using save_stream() method.
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