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jQuery event triggered when mouse enter & leave center of an element

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Trigger special events when mouse enter / leave element center area.

You can specify shape and distance that define the center area. It can be an integer, in that case the default shape is a circle, or a function defining a shape taking cursor coordinates x,y relative to center of element as arguments and returning a boolean.

The shape/distance is passed in or as data argument when you bind your function: you can pass integer and function as data or in a hash as 'distance' property.

Usage examples:

$( 'selector' )

    // Default distance is 50 pixels, center area is a 50px radius circle.
    .mousecenterenter( function () {
        ... your code ...
    } )

    // Distance integer as data argument, center area is a 20px radius circle.
    .mousecenterleave( 20, function () {
        ... your code ...
    } )

    // Distance in data argument, center area is a 20px radius circle.
    .mousecenterenter( { distance: 20, customdata: 'foo' }, function () {
        ... your code ...
    } )
var square40 = function ( x, y ) {
    return 20 >= Math.abs( x ) && 20 >= Math.abs( y );
$( 'selector' )
    // Distance function as data, center area is a 2 * 20px side square.
    // You can pass function in data argument as well.
    .mousecenterleave( square40, function () {
        ... your code ...
    } )
// For example clarity sake, i used the square40 plain function
// But you can use $.mousecenter( 'square', size ) to easily create function for various "square size",
// In this example: square40 === $.mousecenter( 'square', 20 )
// You can extend $.mousecenter to create new resizable shapes (@see end of jquery.mousecenter.js)

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