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Minecraft clone in C++/OpenGL
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What is ElkCraft ?

Here is ElkCraft, a Minecraft clone made with C++/OpenGL during 5 weeks in a group of 4 programmers. The actual version allows you to play in an infinite world, generated at runtime, where you can build, destroy and mining or crafting things. We implemented a health and a hunger system. There is also a day and night cycle. Monsters aren't implemented.

What is ElkEngine ?

ElkEngine is a voxel engine that we made in order to create this game.

What this repo contains ?

  • Release for 64-bits systems
  • Source code
  • Documentation (Mainly in french)

Technical informations

In order to have fun with our work, you need to have :

  • Windows
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • OpenGL 4.6 or higher
  • At least 500MB of RAM to play

If you don't want to compile our project, you can launch the release in the "Bin/" folder.

How to compile ?

In order to compile this project you need to follows these steps :

  • Open the Visual Studio solution for ElkEngine ("Sources/ElkEngine/ElkEngine.sln")
  • Build every projects in order (ElkTools --> ElkRendering --> ElkPhysics --> ElkGameEngine)
  • Open the Visual Studio solution for ElkCraft ("Sources/ElkCraft/ElkCraft.sln")
  • Build the project in the same configuration as you did for ElkEngine
  • Hit play


  • You can build the project for every configuration (x64/x86 | Debug/Release)

Download latest build

If you want to play this game without compiling it, click here: Download


  • page : link

ElkEngine package diagram

alt text

ElkCraft class diagram

alt text


  • Adrien GIVRY
  • Charly JEAUC
  • Saad RAOUF
  • Hanseul SHIN
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