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CPU Software Rasterizer project made with SDL
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Software Rasterizer

Here is our CPU Software Rasterizer project made during our first Game Programming year. We had 6 weeks to make it in a group of 2.


The project is divided into 7 main features :

  • Z-Buffer
  • Phong (Per-Vertex)
  • Blinn-Phong (Per-Pixel)
  • Wireframe with Backface Culling
  • Bilinear filtering
  • Alpha-Blending
  • Anti-aliasing

There is an hidden "konami code" in the documentation which start a secret animation.

Code Architecture

Here is a class diagram of our project alt text

How to build it

If you plan to build our project in optimal conditions, you should have :

  • Windows
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • C++ 17

Libraries are included to the project, you don't need to setup anything, just press play. 64-bits and 32-bits systems are both supported (Debug and Release mode)

External dependencies

For this project we used some external libraries :

  • SDL2 to draw pixels on screen
  • SDL2_ttf to draw UI
  • SDL2_Image to import PNG files
  • IrrKlang for audio (Yes, somewhere in the project there are some musics)



alt text


alt text


alt text

Wireframe with Backface Culling

alt text

Bilinear filtering

alt text


alt text


alt text

Secret animation (Find the konami code in the doc to see it)

alt text


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