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album-shelf is a static web page to display and explore my collection of music records.

Screenshot from

collection of albums screenshot

It uses Jekyll to render the list in HTML from a YAML data file (see albums.yaml) and Github-pages to make it accessible to the public.

If you want to have a similar page for your own album collection, feel free to fork this repository and replace my list of albums by yours!


Search and add an album from Spotify

$ npm run add:spotify-album

Add saved albums from the user's Spotify library

$ npm run add:spotify-saved-abums

Add albums from the user's playlists on Spotify

$ npm run add:spotify-playlists

How to publish my own collection?

Notice: In order to create and publish your collection, you need to have a Github account, to be familiar with git and with the use of the command line.

Follow these steps:

  1. fork this repository into your own Github account;
  2. update your copy of _config.yml to fill your name and Google Analytics ID;
  3. edit your copy of albums.yaml;
  4. test your changes locally by running npm install, then npm start;
  5. commit and push your changes to your fork repository (e.g. using git push);
  6. activate Github-pages on your master branch, as displayed below:

go to the settings tab of your repo

activate github-pages on your master branch

  1. browse your collection on http://<your_github_username> ๐Ÿ‘Œ