Extract codepen/jsfiddle/jsbin links from Google Classroom submissions => convert in PDF, for annotation and grading
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As announced here (in French):

  • Fetches student-submitted URLs from Google Classroom
  • Downloads HTML+CSS+JS code from Codepen/jsbin/jsfiddle URLs
  • Renders one PDF file per student, containing their code, for annotation

🇫🇷 Enseignants francophones, si vous voulez corriger le code de vos étudiants de manière plus efficace, inscrivez-vous à ma liste de diffusion: adrienjoly.com/eval.

Usage / demo

Watch the short video: How to evaluate students' code by hand, and without paper - YouTube

Step 1: Download students' submissions from Google Classroom

Step 2: Generate HTML and PDF files

Step 3: Annotate and grade your students' code on iPad

... or from any PDF editor


  • node: This requires Node 0.12.x or greater.


Before running, don't forget to:

  1. create an app and web client auth on Google's Developer Console;
  2. and set the corresponding environment variables: GCLA_CLIENT_ID, GCLA_CLIENT_SECRET and GCLA_REDIRECT_URL
  3. run npm run list to list the course and courseworks associated to your google account (requires login or valid session)
  4. populate the courseId and assignmentId of your classroom(s) in groups.json

All npm scripts that can be used are listed in the package.json file.

Run tests

$ npm test        # => tests the Google API