Customizable coding exam web app for Javascript course students
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Coding Exam for Javascript course students


  • 100% paperless examination software, 100% online;
  • designed for automated testing and evaluation of students' answers;
  • students are identified using their Google Apps account;
  • variants based on student id;
  • answers are submitted to a Firebase account, and can be exported to a JSON file;
  • beautiful UI thanks to Google Polymer and Material Design.


  • Clone the repo locally
  • Run npm install to install dependencies,
  • Update exercises ( and using Markdown formatting and Mustache variables,
  • Run npm run build to compile exercise data into /public/scripts/exercices.js,
  • Run npm start to start the web server locally,
  • Open localhost:8000 to test the web client locally.

How to deploy:

  • Change Firebase's URL (from public/scripts/app.js) to your own back-end instance,
  • Change Google's client ID (from public/index.html) so that students can identify using your own google apps domain name (or localhost),
  • Protect your Firebase database to prevent data alteration/loss (cf comments in ./scripts/app.js),
  • Run npm run deploy to push the project to production on Firebase Hosting (as defined in firebase.json).

How to evaluate students' answers

  • Toggle the active property (to 1 or 0) of your Firebase database, to (de-)activate student access to the questionnaire,
  • Run npm run eval to compute the scores of your students (from the Firebase database) to scores.csv.


  • Add variants to Quizzes.
  • Prevent the on-tap event from firing when clicking outside of the choices.
  • Right after login, initialize student's record in Firebase, in order to know their presence (and id) even if they didn't press the "save" button.
  • Allow per-variable variants. => more combinations.
  • Add a way to evalute students scores in real time, from a web interface.
  • Prevent students from connecting an exam URL 1 hour after activation. (to avoid next students to see the test before their timeslot, even if other students finish early and show them the URL)
  • BUG: sometimes, the submit button does not lead to the submission page. the page keeps loading (chrome's loading favicon) and the CPU heats. infinite loop?