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myBored Frontend

Find the backend for the project here:

Final project for Flatiron School, Module 3.

This app allows you to create a digital bulletin board of images. Add new images with a Title, Category, Url, and Image Url. Users are able to log in with a username and have their images saved. Images can be dragged and dropped. Images can be double clicked to see their details, edit details, or delete.

The frontend for this app was created with JavaScript.

Installation Instructions

  1. Clone the backend repository to your computer:
  2. Run bundle install to install the required Gems
  3. Run rails db:create && rails db:migrate
  4. Run rails s to start local server
  5. Clone this repository to your computer
  6. Enter open index.html to access the app
Tools used: 
W3Schools for Draggable HTML Elements -
Bootstrap -
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