A crude attempt to implement an IRC bot in C.
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= IRC Multiplexer

Splitting your bits and splaying your bytes, this little gadget will allow
you to to create easily pluggable, durable IRC bots.

== About

The goal is to create a persistent IRC bot that provides enough functionality
to let you hang modules of any size off of sockets provided by the 
multiplexer. Ostensibly, you should be able to attach full blown IRC clients
to the system as well as simple little bots that do little, simultaneously.
It should also add a modicum of insulation between modules, so that one error
in one module doesn't wreck the entire system.

It's currently under heavy development, but I suspect that nobody will notice.

== Requirements

I'll let you know when I have this figured out

== Files

There is currently madness and anarchy in the file structure

== Bugs

The name really really sucks.

== Authors

Adrien Thebo