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An actual Boolean property for Puppet
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Define actual boolean properties for puppet types.


More often than not, philosophy majors will try to convince you that truth is subjective and that there may be more than one single and absolute truth. With this boolean property you can wipe that smug look off of their face and say that there is absolute truth and it's defined RIGHT HERE.

In short, use this module to define actual boolean properties in Puppet so that you can reliably get f%$king booleans instead of doing munging values all over your code.


Type implementation:

require 'puppet/property/boolean'

Puppet::Type.newtype(:awesome) do

  newparam(:name, :namevar => true)

  newproperty(:betterthanslicedbread, :parent => Puppet::Property::Boolean) do
    desc "Determine if the thing is more awesome than sliced bread"
    defaultto true # It's not hard to be more awesome than sliced bread

  newproperty(:better_than_rocket_boots, :parent => Puppet::Property::Boolean) do
    desc "Determine if the thing is more often than rocket boots"
    defaultto false # Rocket boots are pretty hard to beat

  newproperty(:will_get_you_eaten_by_sharks, :parent => Puppet::Property::Boolean) do
    desc "Determine if this is so awesome that it'll get you eaten by sharks"
    defaultto :false # Use a symbol for the default value and it'll still be false

  newproperty(:suitable_for_human_consumption, :parent => Puppet::Property::Boolean) do
    desc "Determine if the thing is both awesome and edible"
    defaultto :false # The are more non-edible things than edible things

Type usage:

awesome { 'actual booleans':
  better_than_rocket_boots       => true,   # Use an unquoted string!
  better_than_sliced_bread       => 'true', # Use a quoted string!
  suitable_for_human_consumption => no,     # Use yes and no! It doesn't matter!


If you have questions or concerns about this module, contact finch on #puppet on Freenode, or email


This is a very smug module. I can't help myself.

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