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Install and manage gitolite with puppet.


For more detail on any of the classes or defines, view the puppet doc in the relevant file.

Classes you might care about

Class: gitolite

Installs gitolite with all default values.

Class: gitolite::gitweb

Configure a gitweb instance built on top of this gitolite instance.

Define: gitolite::adc

Install gitolite ADCs. Requires gitolite 2 or greater.

Classes you probably don't care about

Class: gitolite::data

Provides the default datasource for hiera lookup values

Class: gitolite::install

Installs gitolite from source, backports, or git.

Class: gitolite::instance

Creates a gitolite instance and the necessary prerequisite files.


All listed ACDs are vendored and ready for installation. As always, pleaase read the documentation first.

package { 'git': ensure => present } -> # Install git
class { '::gitolite': }                 # Install gitolite with all default values
include gitolite::gitweb                # Include gitweb access with gitolite based authorization.
# Install a motley of ADCs
# Install shared functions without execute access - library only
gitolite::adc { 'adc.common-functions': mode => '0600'}
# Github style commands
gitolite::adc { 'fork': } # github style forking
gitolite::adc { 'hub': }  # Add in github style pull requests
# Repo management and deletion
gitolite::adc { 'list-trashed': } # List trashed repos
gitolite::adc { 'lock': }         # Lock a repo
gitolite::adc { 'trash': }        # Move a repository to the trash
gitolite::adc { 'unlock': }       # Unlock a repo
gitolite::adc { 'restore': }      # Move a repo from the trash
# Miscellaneous
gitolite::adc { 'help': }     # help page for ADCs
gitolite::adc { 'htpasswd': } # Allow people to add an htpasswd entry. Needed for gitweb::gitolite
gitolite::adc { 'sskm': }     # Self-serve public key management
# And many other ADCs...


  • hiera
  • puppetlabs-stdlib
  • if the backports install is chosen, puppet-apt