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FormulaPro: An open-source EEPro-like application for the TI-Nspire, written in Lua.

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FormulaPro (previously "EEPro Nspire").

This is a project.

Announce topic here : FR / EN

Google Groups "tinspire" topic : here.

Licence : LGPL3

Who .... ?

For now, The two main developers are Jim Bauwens and Adrien Bertrand ("Adriweb") We also would like to thank Levak for his animation API and Nick Steen for the Resistor Reference part. Many thanks too to Critor, Excale, NeoCrisis ... and TI of course :)

We welcome everybody, so if you want to help us, contact us by email (see down there)

What .... ?

Please READ (and comment if you want) this reference document : Link.

The overall organization

The only requirement to run the .tns files is to have an Nspire OS >= 3.0. You can find the latest updates here. Version 3.9 is preferred to enjoy the latest features, and 3.1/3.6 if you want to keep Ndless.

What we have done, so far :

Well, "FormulaPro", the formulas/equation part (2nd part of EEPro). Its latest stable version is 1.42b This has been officially released (in beta) June 21st 2012 across multiple community websites :

Home Screen of FormulaPro Reference Screen of FormulaPro Some solver screen Formulas being displayed inside solver

Please refer to the document linked in the previous paragraph.

At the same time, if you don't wish to be involved in a big thing, you can help with some of the Reference parts :-)

Then, the big part is the Analysis one, which we'll focus on later. (See the EEPro Manual)

Meet us on IRC :

  • Here via Mibbit.
  • Directly on your IRC client : EFNet Server, #eepronspire channel.

Contact : info @ tiplanet . org

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FormulaPro: An open-source EEPro-like application for the TI-Nspire, written in Lua.






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