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EEPro for Nspire (temporary name).

This is a project.

Announce topic here : FR / EN

Google Groups "tinspire" topic : here.

Licence : LGPL

Who .... ?

For now, here are the contributors to the whole project : Adriweb, Critor, Excale, Jim Bauwens, Levak, NeoCrisis, Nick Steen.

The FormulaPro team : Jim Bauwens and Adrien Bertrand ("Adriweb")

We welcome everybody, so if you want to help us, contact us by email (see down there)

What .... ?

Please READ (and comment if you want) this reference document : Link.

The overall organization

The only requirement to run the .tns files is to have an Nspire OS >= 3.0. You can find the latest updates here.

What we have done, so far :

Well, "FormulaPro", the formulas/equation part (2nd par of EEPro). This has been officially released (in beta) June 21st 2012 across multiple community websites : ;!topic/tinspire/dlqZrAKpulM ; ;

FormulaPro, comparison between our Nspire port and the TI-89 version Some native-like GUI Some native-like GUI Some native-like GUI

Please refer to the document linked in the previous paragraph.

At the same time, if you don't wish to be involved in a big thing, you can help by doing some of the Reference part :-)

Then, the big part is the Analysis one. (See the EEPro Manual)

Meet us on IRC :

  • Here via Mibbit.
  • Directly on your IRC client : EFNet Server, #eepronspire channel.

Contact : info @ tiplanet . org

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