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A port of LuaJIT's MiniLua for the CE TI calculators
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A (PoC of a) port of LuaJIT's MiniLua for the CE TI calculators.

MINILUA CE port by Adrien "Adriweb" Bertrand
Original code from LuaJIT:
Available on and on GitHub.

Many thanks to Matt "MateoConLechuga" Waltz and Jacob "Jacobly" Young.

This is an extremely alpha version, just to demonstrate that some things are working as expected.
Be advised that some features are broken, partly because of ZDS being, well... crappy.
But things are looking nicer and nicer everyday with jacobly's eZ80-LLVM:

The "console" IO (nio_ce files) is for convenience. See

Build note: considering this gets built as more than 65k (the theoretical max for a program), you have to use the latest version of ConvHex so that it gets split into a launcher+appvars automatically.
Then, transfer everything to Archive, launching from there (and as such, OS 5.3 is recommended, if not required).
Free up as much RAM as you can :)

Usage example:

TI-Planet topic:

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