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…te changes dont require a restart
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@@ -338,6 +338,22 @@ For example, on UNIX:
Starting server in PID 16601.
Starting HTTP server on
+Now if you make a change to any of your project's ``.py`` files or ``.ini``
+files, you'll see the server restart automatically:
+.. code-block:: text
+ development.ini changed; reloading...
+ -------------------- Restarting --------------------
+ Starting server in PID 16602.
+ Starting HTTP server on
+Changes to template files (such as ``.pt`` or ``.mak`` files) won't cause the
+server to restart. Changes to template files don't require a server restart
+as long as the ``pyramid.reload_templates`` setting in the
+``development.ini`` file is ``true``. Changes made to template files when
+this setting is true will take effect immediately without a server restart.
.. index::
single: WSGI

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