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Very Easy Particle System for Three.js



how to use 

0. read 2 .js file , 'three.js(three.min.js)', and 'threeJenParticle.js' your HTML file.

1. Declaration Objecty for Particle by NULL

var jenP = null;

2. Initialize Particle 

// after scene =new THREE.Scene...

jenP = new jenParticle();

3. adding Particle to Scene 



There is a demo for preview & code generation to make editing easier

When you like it, press "Generate" at the bottom of the screen, copy the text from the text box below, Please stick it to the appropriate place.

Definition option ( basicOption )

PropertyName type defaultValue description
isAlphaAdd boolean true Specify whether addition transparent or alpha synthesis.
isTextured boolean true Specify whether to apply noise texture.
colors Color[3] [ THREE.Color(1.0, 1.0, 0.5), THREE.Color(0.8, 0.4, 0.0), THREE.Color(0.2, 0.0, 0.0) ] Specify the color of the particle. [0] It will be the color of the center. [1] It will be the outermost color. [2] It will be the color after the change over time. For common patterns, it would be better to specify [0] the brightest color, [2] the darkest color, and [1] its intermediate color (or complementary color).
gravity Vector3 THREE.Vector3(0.0, 0.17, 0.0) Specify the amount of movement required for particles. You should think that it is like gravity or wind.
blurPower float 0.07 Specify the shape change amount of the particle by moving amount. If it is zero, it will not change shape due to the movement amount. I will move with the circle. When 1.0 is specified, the origin is displayed in a connected shape after movement.

Appearance option ( appearsOption )

appearsParticle(addFrameCount,  _option = {} );
PropertyName type defaultValue description
addFrameCount int ! MUST ! Specify the amount of [particle] to appear at once. This parameter is mandatory and can not be omitted.
Below is the contents of option structure
basePos Vector3 THREE.Vector3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0) Specify the appearance position of particles.
scale float 1.0 Specify the size of one basic particle.
scaleRandom float 0.2 Specify the random addition value of the size for each particle. If it is zero, all the particle will be the same size.
vect Vector3 Random Specify the basic movement direction of the particle. If it is zero, "basically" will not move (see below)
col Color White(1.0,1.0,1.0) If you want to change the color for each particle, use it for the specified color.
speed float 0.2 It is the moving speed of particle. 0 will stagnate on the spot.
explose float 0.5 Specify the strength to set the movement direction at random with respect to the movement direction (vect). If 0, particles move as specified by vect and if 1.0 is specified, particles will be moved ignoring the value of vect.
viscosity float 0.9 For the speed, specify the value that takes over time. If this value is 1.0, the particles will move at the same speed all the time and if you specify a value less than 1.0 the grain will gradually slow down so that the brakes will apply. Conversely, if you specify a value larger than 1.0, the particles will gradually accelerate.
lifeTimeFactor float Random(0.5~1.5) Specify the life of the particle. If it is normal (1.0), particles will disappear in 1 second. This value works as magnification for 1 second, and you can change the particle display time. If you decrease the value, particles will disappear in a shorter time.




three.js Particle Explsion effect lib






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