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Track fitness workout averages and progress on your Pebble, synced to Firebase
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Progress for Pebble

Not under active development as of August 2016. Long live Pebble.

For millions of people who bike, run, or swim with non-smart tracking devices, there is rarely a way to extract or analyse this data. After writing my ride stats in a text file for a month, I realized that this would be a great simple app to have on my Pebble.

Progress lets you save data from non-smart fitness trackers to the cloud!

Progress Banner

With Progress you will be able to:

  • Input your latest workout on your Pebble
  • Track stats like your average speed, total distance, and total time
  • Quickly scroll through your most recent workouts
  • Export data online from a simple form at

v0.1 - 1 v0.1 - 2

Features Roadmap

Currently in development, the following are roadmap todos:

  • Configure basic list UI on Pebble
  • Create input form for saving data on Pebble
  • Setup Firebase database to keep and serve data
  • Push data from Pebble to Firebase
  • Query Firebase and pull data to Pebble
  • Create statistics calculations and UI
  • Create password/unique identifier to differentiate data
  • Oauth Google, Facebook login
  • CSV output from website
  • Graphing and analysis web-app

How to Get It

Install the private nightly builds (stuff may not work):

Learn more

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