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Something for Southampton uni that tells you what week it is.

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What Week Is It?

Version 2.2

Something for Southampton uni that tells you what week it is.

For an actual working example (and possibly this software's only practical use):

Pat and I became rather frustrated that the uni's timetabling system runs on a week system but real life runs on a date system and there appears to be no quick and easy way to determine which week of the academic year we're currently in. As I've just released the open data for the university's academic sessions until the year 2020, I felt this was an appropriate way of showing it off.

Installing it is a little hasslesome, you need to have the Fatfree Framework, Chris's Graphite library and ARC2 (a dependency of Graphite) although all these are available through git, so I've added them as submodules. Directory paths are a lot better in this version. Docs for installing and configuring are in the /docs directory.

To actually use it, go to / on the server. That's it. If you want feed caching, the ./var/feeds directory needs to be writable by the web server.


This is now at version 2.2. I'll probably have to make it conform to the University branding guidelines for it to become an official supported service, but other than that I don't intend to add any more features - there's already far too many for a silly little page that is only supposed to tell you what week it is. However, if you find a bug that prevents it from functioning, I'm totally happy to continue supporting it, I'm just not adding any extra functionality.


Something for Southampton uni that tells you what week it is.






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