Tweet analysis script(s) for extracting structured information from #powercutindia tweets.
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Tweet analysis backend for


The initiative aims to map power cuts, planned as well as unplanned,
by crowdsourcing the data using Twitter. Whenever someone wishes to "report" a power
cut, he or she can send a tweet - for example:

#powercutindia #barrackpore #from 1110 hours #unplanned

The aim of this python script(s) is to parse tweets with #powercutindia, and convert
unstructured information into a structured form, possibly inserting the results into a 


The input data for this heuristic is all tweets marked with #powercutindia.
First and foremost, we eliminate tweets that are actually re-tweets. Then we try to extract:

1. Who reported it,
2. Location (geocoded),
3. Start time or time duration (if this is missing, assume tweet time as start time),
4. Planned or unplanned (assume unplanned if not known),
5. End time (also for tweets reporting that power is back).

The challenge is that users tweet out in their own formats - for example someone may use "1100 hours"
while someone else may say "11am" or "11:00 am" and other variations. Similarly, location may be 
partial or complete, with an optional pin code. Finally, there will be some junk words that will not 
form any part of the output, like "#from" in the above example. 

Finally there may be tweets which aim to promote #powercutindia, but are not actually reporting a power cut.

The aim here is to get the best possible results, i.e., the aim is reasonably high accuracy, and not perfection.