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To ensure the best quality we decided to use two approaches:

  • BDD - business cases (Behat)
  • TDD - unit tests (PHPUnit)

To run unit tests execute:


To run BDD tests execute:


Coding styles rules are ensured by several tools:

  • Sensio Security Checker
  • PHP Static Analysis Tool
  • PHP Codesniffer
  • PHP Parallel Lint

One command can be used to run all tools above:

composer qa-check

You can also run all commands separately:

  • security-checker security:check
  • parallel-lint --no-colors --blame --exclude vendor .
  • phpcs -s --standard=PHPCompatibility src tests
  • phpcs -s --standard=PSR2 src tests
  • phpstan --no-ansi --no-progress analyse -c phpstan.neon -l 7 src tests