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ADS (ESC) Tests
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ADS tests

QA Tests


Tests require Java 1.8 and Maven.

Commands to run tests

Command to run tests:

mvn clean test -f pom-qa.xml

Available options:

  • -Dgenesis.file=PATH_TO_GENESIS_FILE starts test with custom genesis file, default is genesis.json in working directory,
  • -Dcucumber.options sets cucumber framework options, could be used to specify test category,
  • -Dis.docker:
    • 0 - (default) test with local binary (must be added to PATH),
    • 1 - test on Docker,
  • sets directory in which is stored nodes and users data, default is /ads-data.

Available test categories are:

  • account - change account key, and create account in local and remote node,
  • broadcast - broadcast message,
  • dry_run - dry-run option, includes transfer with signature generated by other user,
  • fee_sharing - check profit_shared value from log,
  • function - check other function:
    • get_accounts,
    • log_account,
  • node - change node key, create node,
  • non_existent - transaction to non-existent user or node,
  • retrieve_funds - funds retrieval from inactive account,
  • status - change account/node status,
  • transfer - local and remote transfers, both groups have detail categories transfer_local and transfer_remote,
  • vip_key - check vip keys.

By default all tests will be run. To run specific category of tests cucumber.options must be defined. Below is example to run transfer tests:

mvn clean test -f pom-qa.xml -Dcucumber.options="--tags @transfer"

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