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How to generate ADS keys

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Online tool

You can generate keys by using our online tool:

Store the secret keys safely. Only the public key and signatures can be revealed. The seed phrase and the secret key must not be transferred to anyone.

Compilation of key program

Another way is to compile the source code of the key program.

The software is developed for the Linux platform. There is no intent to support other platforms. The software was tested on Debian and Ubuntu. To compile the software, You need boost and SSL libraries. Check the Makefile if anything else is missing.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openssl libboost-all-dev libssl-dev git build-essential

Start with cloning the git directory.

git clone

Then proceed to compile key generation program

cd ads/external/ed25519

Key generation

After successful compilation, please run ./key program with your desired secret passphrase. Please use at least 16 random characters. Please use a good source of entropy to generate the passphrase.

./key "your secret passphrase"

You can also use random bytes generated by OpenSSL

./key `OpenSSL rand -hex 32`

The program will output your secret key (SK), public key (PK) and signature for the empty string (SG).

# Example
# Do not use those keys!
SK: EFD0380D9B29829AE9F30F41E85D6C09A97220E6CF76FE8C1B479A34A38D12EC
PK: 124793C618E3D25A96011F690EB00089144D89FB58FB96D7A3BFCEC78DFF5F8A
SG: C248A65080E7CED9081DDB3C849A17AEC102B3D044A3F38E530DD28A4AC9B3D5934B5ECA3306894BDCF0B3D8951F0FB339889CBC3D63EF3A54E6FA6EAD2C1A00

Please store your secret key (SK) securely and copy PK and SG.