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How to get ADS

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Please remember that it is necessary to include a message when transferring ADS coins TO a cryptocurrency exchange. The message to be copy-pasted is always provided by the exchange – please see a relevant part of the deposit section on your trading platform. It is not necessary to include a message when transferring ADS coins to your ADS Wallet or your ADS account on the platform.

There are several ways of getting ADS coins.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

You can purchase ADS coins on a cryptocurrency exchange:

Name URL Markets
Uniswap ETH ERC-20
PancakeSwap BNB BEP-20

You can track ADS on many websites, e.g.:

Airdrops and bounty campaigns

We recommend following our Twitter profile @adsharesNet, where we are announcing airdrops and bounty campaigns in which you can earn ADS.

Earning ADS as a Publisher

If you own a website you can join Adshares network as a Publisher, place our ad unit on your site and earn ADS based on your site views.

Adshares (ADS) Quick buy.

Skyrocket your cryptocurrency portfolio with Adshares. There are many ways to become ADS holder. Choose one of them and take part of the most promising blockchain project in advertising.

Buy ADS with crypto - quickly purchase with top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and 50 more coins. Become ADS coin owner in minutes using crypto payment gateway. Proceed your payment in just a few clicks.

Receive ADS right in to your wallet. Install ADS Wallet as browser extension, secure seed phrase and use generated address to receive purchased coins.