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Adshares / Installer

Quick Start (on Ubuntu 18.04)


  • Existing ADS account (with credentials)
  • A clean Ubuntu/Bionic install
  • You are logged in as a user with sudo privileges
  • You have mail server ready somewhere (use something like MailHog for local testing)
git clone
cd installer
sudo -H bin/

The script above creates a separate adshares user (without sudo privileges) to be the owner of all the installed services.

Script will ask you to provide your ADS wallet credentials, so please create ADS account first.

Note that there are many environment variables you can override to tweak the behavior of the services. Every project has the .env file where you can find most of configuration options.


Deploy mailhog

docker run --publish 1025:1025 --publish 8025:8025 --detach --restart always mailhog/mailhog

Prepare system dependencies without deploying

sudo -H SKIP_SERVICES=1 bin/

Deploy all services from develop branches without reinstalling system dependencies

sudo -H SKIP_BOOTSTRAP=1 bin/ -b develop

Simple one-liner when you have installer in your home dir - this installs all the currently checked out services

cd ~/installer/ && git pull && sudo -H SKIP_BOOTSTRAP=1 SKIP_CLONE=1 bin/
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