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Zabbix template for Nginx
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Zabbix template for Nginx (python)

It's accumulate nginx stats and parse the access.log (just pice of log at once) and push result in Zabbix through trap-messages

System requirements

  • python
  • nginx with configured http_stub_status_module and access.log

What's logging:

  • Request\sec
  • Response codes (200,301,302,403,404,500,503)\min
  • Active\Keepalive connections
  • Header and body reading
  • Accepted, handled connections


  1. Put into your scripts path (like: /etc/zabbix/script/nginx/) on your Zabbix agent hosts.

  2. Change next section in, to your configuration:

zabbix_host = ''   # Zabbix server IP
zabbix_port = 10051         # Zabbix server port
hostname = 'Zabbix Agent'   # Name of monitored host, like it shows in zabbix web ui
time_delta = 1              # grep interval in minutes

# URL to nginx stat (http_stub_status_module)
stat_url = 'https://nginx.server/nginx_stat'

# Nginx log file path
nginx_log_file_path = '/var/log/nginx/access.log'

# Optional Basic Auth
username = 'user'
password = 'pass'

# Temp file, with log file cursor position
seek_file = '/tmp/nginx_log_stat'
  1. In script path (/etc/zabbix/script/nginx/) do:
chmod +x
  1. Configure cron to run script every one minute:
$ sudo crontab -e

*/1 * * * * /etc/zabbix/script/nginx/
  1. Import zbx_nginx_template.xml into zabbix in Tepmplate section web gui.

  2. Add the following configurations to you Nginx configuration file.

location /nginx_stat {
  stub_status on;       # Turn on nginx stats
  access_log   off;     # We do not need logs for stats
  allow;      # Security: Only allow access from IP
  allow ::1;            # Security IPv6: allow only from localhost
  deny all;             # Deny requests from the other of the world

That is all :)

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