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Zabbix template for Redis (node.js or python) ##System requirements

For use node.js version script

For use python version script


You can monitor your redis in zabbix agent mode or through trap-messages.

In zabbix agent mode, zabbix will periodically send request to an agent for every parameter, and agent will answer it.

In trap-message mode, script will be periodically accumulate redis's parameters and will send it to zabbix as a one message.

If you planning to capture many redis parameters and do it often. I would recomend to use trap-message mode.

Note: trap-message works only with python script

Install in trap-message mode

  1. Put into your monitoring scripts path (like: /etc/zabbix/script/redis/).

  2. Change next section in, to your configuration:

zabbix_host = ''	# Zabbix Server IP
zabbix_port = 10051			# Zabbix Server Port
hostname = ''	# Name of monitored server, like it shows in zabbix web ui
  1. In script path (/etc/zabbix/script/redis/) do:
pip install redis
chmod +x
  1. Configure cron to run script every one minute with redis server params as arguments
$ sudo crontab -e

*/1 * * * * /etc/zabbix/script/redis/ localhost -p 6379 -a mypassword
  1. Import zbx_redis_trapper_template.xml into zabbix in Tepmplate section web gui.

That is all :)

Install in Zabbix Agent mode

  1. Put zbx_redis.conf into your zabbix_agentd.conf config subdirectory (like: /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/).

  2. Change script name in zbx_redis.conf to use if need it (by default there is a .js version script). Redis server params can be passed to the python script as arguments e.g.: localhost -p 6379 -a mypassword
  1. Change your zabbix_agentd.conf config so it will include this file:
  1. Put zbx_redis_stats.js or into your zabbix_agentd.conf config subdirectory (like: /etc/zabbix/script/redis/).

  2. Change paths in zbx_redis.conf if need it.

  3. In working dir (/etc/zabbix/script/redis/) do:

For use node.js verson script:

npm install redis
chmod +x zbx_redis_stats.js

For use python verson script:

pip install redis
chmod +x
  1. Import zbx_redis_template.xml into zabbix in Tepmplate section web gui.


Zabbix template for Redis



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