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Hello! I’m Andrew, a programmer in the DC area. I somehow tricked everyone into believing that I’m a competent public speaker and programmer — it’s probably something to do with my skin color and gender, and that sucks.

I once saw a conference talk by Kronda which changed the way I thought about the privilege that I have — I had previously felt quite guilty about my situation, but she implanted the idea of leveraging my privileges to help correct the terribleness.

There’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem with conference speaking sometimes — not everyone wants to take a risk on someone new. I’ve found that after professional recordings of my previous talks were online, conferences were much more comfortable with selecting my talks — and those conferences were more likely to produce professional recordings. So how do you get your first recording online?

This is where I can help — I’m certainly not the most qualified, but I have a background in technical theater and the resources to give it a try. I could use your help, if you believe in what I am doing — open an issue and tell me your story.

Don’t believe in my mission? That’s okay, I’ll keep doing me. As my favorite non-profit bar says, “Life is good, ya-ya.”


To run this application locally, you’ll need to install the dependencies and then launch the web server which automatically recompiles the site when changes are made.

  1. gem install bundler
  2. bundle install
  3. bundle exec jekyll serve

This will launch the site running locally at http://localhost:4000. Press Ctrl+C to stop the server.


This application is deployed automatically on merges to master via Travis CI. The production build and deployment scripts are in .travis.yml.

Production Environment

This web app is hosted as a static application on Amazon S3. The application is served at via an Amazon CloudFront distribution.

The CloudFront distribution provides:

  1. SSL from an Amazon-issued SSL certificate that was generated through Amazon Certificate Manager and is configured to auto-renew.
  2. Custom security-related HTTP response headers through Amazon Lambda@Edge.

Lambda@Edge runs a Node.js function immediately before serving responses (viewer-response in Amazon’s language). The source of this code is unfortunately edited via Amazon’s interface and is therefore not in source control directly, however, an effort is made to keep all changes recorded in lambda@edge.js.

DNS for is provided by Amazon Route 53.

Support and Presence

Support and promotion for is provided through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and via email at

Email for the domain is handled by

To ease the difficulties of replying to messages across these platforms, messages sent via Twitter, Facebook, and email are aggregated at


Credentials for all services and accounts related to are stored in this repository in an encrypted 1Password vault. To unlock this vault, you’ll need to contact @adunkman for him to grant the vault password to you.


Tech talks from DC area’s brightest talent presented monthly.



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