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A good, structured start to ExpressJS apps.
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This is a skeleton project for the start of a web app written on ExpressJS. It includes connect-assets to manage compilation of CSS and JavaScript and uses Jade as a templating engine.

Directories and notable files

  • express-starter
    • assets — Managed by connect-assets.
      • css — Anything that can be compiled to CSS (Stylus, SASS, LESS, CSS, etc).
        • pages — Page-specific styles here, using body classes to target specific views (see views/layout.jade and middleware/bodyClass.js).
      • js — Anything that can be compiled to JavaScript (CoffeeScript, Iced CoffeeScript, JavaScript, etc).
    • config — Application configuration, preferring environmental variables.
    • controllers — Split your application into managable controllers and place them here. The server.js should ".use" the other controllers where appropriate.
    • public — Any additional public assets that aren't managed by connect-assets (images, files, favicon.ico, etc).
    • test — Tests, because you test, of course.
    • views — Use folders inside of views which correspond to the controller name from which they are rendered.
      • layout.jade — The master layout for the application.
    • server.js — The entry point for the server (your command to start the server should be: node server or npm start).

About the author

You can follow @adunkman on Twitter or adunkman on Github.

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