Early Lives of Charlemagne, translated by A.J. Grant
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A.J. Grant, trans., Early Lives of Charlemagne by Eginhard and the Monk of St Gall (London: Moring, 1905)

English translations of Einhard’s Vita Karoli Magni, as well as De Carolo Magno, traditionally ascribed to Notker Balbulus, with commentary. E-book available through Project Gutenberg. Grant’s rendition of Einhard is a substantial improvement over the 1880 translation by Samuel Epes Turner commonly found in collections of medieval primary sources.

I have corrected errors in punctuation and spelling, encoding the book using the Project Gutenberg RST format. The electronic text is from the scans by the University of Toronto Libraries (clearer than other available copies), which is a 1907 reprint by Chatto and Windus. The frontmatter is taken from a 1905 copy from Princeton University. The cover image is from the 1922 reprint scanned by the University of California Libraries; it has a slightly different title page, and makes limited corrections, fixing for example ‘hi church’ on page 52, but not ‘willy-willy’ on page 67 or ‘Allelulia’ on page 87.

I have linked the notes to the text, revealing several errors in the referencing: the most significant of these are noted in the comments to the RST file, but I have freely moved the links to the footnotes by several lines to better fit the context. Results have been compared with the Notker text by Holly Ingraham available through Medieval Sourcebook. One feature from the print edition has been lost: there is no satisfactory method of including the running heads that summarize the text, but I did not consider these sufficiently important to merit using TEI for encoding.

The ‘handout’ version provided in Markdown and PDF format was created for teaching purposes, in which I have modernized some of the spelling and abridged Grant’s notes. To recreate the PDF, use Pandoc and LaTeX (BasicTeX plus the tufte-latex and lineno packages should be sufficient), with the command pandoc einhard-handout.md -sS --template=handout.tex -V linenos -o einhard-handout.pdf. The template has been modified slightly from a version by Caleb McDaniel.

The original text is public-domain. To any extent that my contributions may be subject to copyright in some jurisdictions, they are licensed CC0.