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Raspberry PI GPIO programs in JavaScript
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I've purchased a Sensor Kit for the Raspberry Pi from Sunfounder ( Code examples, at least those in C, are crappy at the best so I've decided to recode them in JavaScript using the rpio JavaScript module (

Naming convention

Program names are named following this convention: nn_[acro]_mm.js

  • nn is the sequential number that uses SunFounder's for the examples.
  • [acro] is an acronym that identifies the sensor programmed.
  • mm is a program sequence number being 01 the number of the program that is a direct refactor of the Sunfounder's code.

Installing & Running

As a pre-requisite you need to install in the Raspberry:

  • node
  • Then you must install the rpio node package (by using npm). I needed to rebuild the package since, as downloaded, my programs crashed.

Finally, I only was able to run my programs as root (through sudo).


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