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jgranick commented Oct 9, 2012

I now have Flambe working with an NME backend. It's using bitmaps like the Flash platform, so it may make sense to optimize the rendering further. However, everything in the Piratemark benchmark is working right now.

In order to test, you need to have a development version of NME. With that installed, you can build my version of Piratemark ( like this:

nme test html5
nme test mac
nme test html5 -Duse_flambe
nme test mac -Duse_flambe

The first two will build for NME's built-in support for HTML5 or OS X (and of course there are many other targets), while the "use_flambe" define enables the "flambe" haxelib in the project.


aduros commented Oct 23, 2012

Hey, quick update: I got it up and running :) (nice work!) Here's a list of things I can think of before it's ready for prime time:

  1. Writing a drawTiles renderer.
  2. Integration with Flambe's build system.
  3. Retesting everything under hxcpp/NME, both for compatibility and performance.
  4. If it's a vast improvement, possibly removing the AIR-based platforms.

I've been swamped lately, so I don't know if this will happen in the next few months, frankly. I've been mainly focused on features, the web targets, and actually shipping my game, so overhauling the native targets which already work is pretty low on my priority list.


aduros commented Jul 29, 2013

At this point the projects have diverged enough that I'm not convinced that it's worth both our efforts to make it ready for production use.

That doesn't mean a grand NME/Flambe unification may not happen someday, especially now that Flambe has a GL-based renderer and a streamlined build tool. It might be possible to abstract out Flambe's WebGL renderer to run on NME's new GL API for example.

I'm going to close this because I personally don't have the bandwidth to pursue it (and it looks bad to have year old open pull requests ;) ). I'd encourage anybody to pick up this work if it's important to them. When there's progress and someone is willing to maintain it going forward, we can open new issues.

aduros closed this Jul 29, 2013

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