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Flambe 4.1.0: Sep 6, 2014

  • This release requires Haxe 3.1.3.
  • Added Component.onStart, onStop.
  • Added Entity.getFromParents, getFromChildren.
  • Added disposeFiles() methods to Library, EmitterMold, Font.
  • Added System.renderer.maxTextureSize.
  • Added BlendMode.Multiply and Screen.
  • Added password field to Android and iOS signing options in flambe.yaml.
  • Added flambe haxe-flags and --haxe-server, for IDE authors.

Flambe 4.0.0: Mar 5, 2014

  • See Migrating to Flambe 4 for step-by-step instructions to migrating your project.
  • Added Firefox OS platform target.
  • Added System.renderer.
  • Added Texture.subTexture(), Texture.split(), for conveniently working with texture atlases.
  • Added Library.fromFlipbooks(), for support for non-Flump flipbook animations.
  • Added Sprite.pointerIn/pointerOut signals.
  • Added TextSprite.letterSpacing/lineSpacing.
  • Added Font.lineHeight.
  • Added flambe.util.Pool.
  • Added an observable Playback.complete.
  • Added flambe.script.PlaySound.
  • Added -D flambe_transparent for transparent canvas backgrounds, HTML only.
  • Added -D flambe_disable_html_retina to disable canvas DPI scaling.
  • Right-click events are now passed to the game.
  • Implemented stage.lockOrientation() in HTML.
  • HTML asset loader improvements and fixes.
  • Improved support for Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface, iOS 7.1.
  • Newly formatted API documentation.
  • Minimum Flash version increased to 11.2.
  • Minimum AIR version increased to 4.0.
  • Added new code sample:

Flambe 3.1.2: Nov 7, 2013

  • Support the new Web Audio spec used by Firefox.
  • Calls to emit() again while a signal is already dispatching will be queued up for when the dispatch ends instead of asserting.
  • Lots of little fixes and optimizations to Flump, audio, and rendering.

Flambe 3.1.1: Jul 28, 2013

  • Added support for using AIR native extensions (ANEs) and SWCs. Just place them in your libs/ directory. See this demo for an example.
  • Added iOS support to the new build tool.
  • Added more config options to flambe.yaml: "android", "ios", "extra_paths", "orientation", and "fullscreen". Check the default flambe.yaml for documentation on those.
  • Fixed the tilted graphics bug on the Android 4 stock browser.
  • Switched flambe serve port to 7000 so it doesn't conflict with standard Mac tools, thanks Stéphane Le Dorze.
  • Removed wafl. The flambe command is the only supported build tool.

Flambe 3.1.0: Jul 21, 2013

  • New and highly improved build tool. The flambe command will replace wafl/Python in a later version. See Migrating to the Flambe command for more info.
  • Live asset reloading in debug builds. Change an image, sound, or file in the assets/ directory and see the change reflected in the running game, no restart required. Thanks Dion Whitehead Amago.
  • Web browsers running debug builds will automatically refresh when the game is rebuilt.
  • Enable remote debugging for AIR debug builds.
  • AssetPack.getFile now returns a File instead of a String. Call toString() to get at the string data.
  • Added Sprite.pixelSnapping and default it to true. This avoids image rendering fuzziness in WebGL and Stage3D.
  • AssetPack, Texture, Image, and File now implement Disposable.
  • Added support for radial particle emitters, thanks Ali Jaya Meilio Lie.
  • Added EmitterSprite.numParticles.
  • Added overdraw visualization for performance testing, toggle it in debug builds by pressing ctrl-O.

Flambe 3.0.0: Jun 17, 2013

  • This release requires Haxe 3. See Migrating to Flambe 3 for more info.
  • Enabled the WebGL renderer by default, with fallback to canvas.
  • Fixed a Storage corner-case on Chrome Flash, thanks Vrian Candelaria.
  • Enable retina resolution on iPhone 5 HTML, thanks Keith McCullough.
  • Added Arrays.indexOf/lastIndexOf.

Flambe 2.3: May 31, 2013

  • Added System.motion, thanks Bradley Baysinger.
  • Sounds automatically pause when the app is hidden, thanks Kipp Ashford.
  • Added TextSprite.wrapWidth and align. TextSprite.text now supports newline characters (\n).
  • Revamped HTML asset loading. Implemented progress event support for all asset types. Stalled downloads are automatically retried.
  • Added support for WebP and JPEG-XR images, that are conditionally loaded on platforms that support them, similar to audio. In practice, Chrome supports WebP, IE9 and Flash support JPEG-XR.
  • System.web.openBrowser no longer gets popup blocked in Flash on some browsers.
  • is now an observable Value.

Flambe 2.2: Feb 5, 2013

  • Important Flump fixes. If you use Flump, you should upgrade and re-export your assets with the latest Flump version.
  • Added System.volume for easy global volume control, thanks Kipp Ashford.
  • Added experimental WebGL renderer, see issue #8 for more info.
  • Flambe 2.2b: Installer and AIR bug fixes.

Flambe 2.1: Jan 13, 2013

  • Added Sprite.scissor for rectangle masking.
  • Added Manifest.relativeBasePath/externalBasePath for loading assets from another location (such as a CDN).
  • Added System.external for interacting with external Javascript.
  • Added EmitterSprite/EmitterMold for displaying particle systems exported from Particle Designer.
  • Added optional default value to Storage.get().
  • Enabled Adobe Scout profiling in debug builds.
  • IE10 fixes.

Flambe 2.0: Dec 2, 2012

  • This release contains important breaking changes! See Migrating to Flambe 2.0 for details.
  • Added for drawing to a texture. Use System.createTexture() to create an empty texture.
  • Added Texture.readPixels and writePixels for direct pixel access.
  • Added flambe.script.FirstOf, thanks Santiago V.
  • Added Keyboard.backButton.
  • Added MovieSprite.looped.
  • Added optional append parameter to Entity.addChild.
  • Added Sprite.render.
  • Increased minimum Flash version to 11, removed BitmapData renderer.
  • Tons of polish and optimization to the Stage3D renderer.
  • Optimizations to core classes (entities and signals).

Flambe 1.5: Nov 10, 2012

  • Switched to more robust pointer event handling. Adding a listener to a parent sprite will now detect clicks on its children.
  • Added PointerEvent.hit.
  • Added Sprite.pointerEnabled, getLocalMatrix(), hitTest(), and getBounds().
  • Added System.time.
  • Added a rendering inspector to help developers find bugs and performance issues. Press CTRL-I in an HTML debug build to inspect a frame. See this example output from the Flump monster demo, showing all canvas calls and a screenshot after each draw call.
  • Support for skewing in Flump animations.
  • Memory and renderer optimizations.
  • API change: System.logger is now System.createLogger.

Flambe 1.4: Oct 23, 2012

  • Added transitions support to flambe.scene.Director.
  • Added flambe.SpeedAdjuster for slow motion effects.
  • Added flambe.util.PackageLog for more convenient logging.
  • Flump additions: MoviePlayer, PlayMovie, MovieSprite.paused.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.
  • API change: Sprite.visible and FillSprite.color are primitives instead of reactive Values.

Flambe 1.3: Aug 27, 2012

  • Added System.touch, for handling multi-touch events.
  • Added fullscreen API to System.stage.
  • Added PointerEvent.stopPropagation().
  • Added lots more easing functions.
  • Support for bitmap font kerning.
  • API change: moved flambe.animation.Easing to flambe.animation.Ease.
  • Flambe 1.3b: Build fix for systems with spaces in their Haxe path.

Flambe 1.2: Jul 29, 2012

  • Haxe 2.10 or higher is now required.
  • Installing Flambe is even easier: The Android SDK is no longer required to develop for Android.
  • Added System.mouse, for access to mouse-specific features.
  • Added System.web, for displaying WebViews over the stage and opening browser tabs.
  • Support for Web Audio API, in at least Chrome, Safari and iOS 6.
  • returns a Disposable that can be used to stop an action.

Flambe 1.1: Jul 2, 2012

  • Replaced key codes with a key enum.
  • Mouse events in HTML behave more like Flash when dragging outside of the stage.
  • Enabled iOS compilation.
  • Android compilation fixes in Windows.
  • Python 3 support in wafl.

Flambe 1.0: Jun 18, 2012

  • Initial stable release.

Flambe 0.0: Mar 23, 2011

  • First commit!
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