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StreamLens logo


StreamLens is a browser extension that helps you follow your favorite streamers across multiple supported streaming platforms. Easily connect your Twitch account to import your followed streams automatically. The StreamLens toolbar button provides you with an at-a-glance count of live broadcasts and, when clicked, expands to show a list of streamers from which you can choose to start watching.

StreamLens popup streams list


Install the extension for free from the Chrome or Firefox extension marketplace:

Download for Chrome Downlaod for Firefox


  1. After installing the extension, the StreamLens button should be visible in your browser toolbar.

StreamLens toolbar button

  1. Clicking the button should reveal the live streams panel. Since you haven't yet connected any accounts, click the "Connect Accounts" button to proceed to the extension settings page.

StreamLens empty streams panel

  1. On the settings page, choose among the available supported platforms to link an account.

StreamLens settings

  1. After connecting one or more accounts, the toolbar button and corresponding popup will immediately update to show your followed streams currently live (if any).

StreamLens popup streams list


Copyright 2019 Andrew Duthie

Released under the GPLv3 License. See