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Altcoin price tracker into a google spreadsheet. Scraping data from
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Altcoin price tracker into a google spreadsheet.


How does it work?

Try the Live Demo .

It scrapes data from . The data is contained in the sheet called Price Ticker.

It all goes down to the magic done by importHtml() function with some tricks and parsing.

=importHtml(""& year(now()) & month(now()) & day(now()) & hour(now()),"table",1)

Then I made some magic to be sure to keep coins in the same order and to parse the data.

How to use it

There are a few steps needed for having this work on your own spreadsheet:

  • Make a copy of the Live Demo and open it
  • Past the content of into a new script
  • Create a new trigger that calls the function transferValue() every 5 minutes
  • Done

If you need help in setting this up, I'll be glad to help. Mail and attach some coins if you want to get out of the noise ;) .


Help this project if you think that this project helps you

  • BTC 1NgDPjxNWxTUK9eUExEmAGj4mtiMLGFvYr

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