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PowerShell Image Manipulation
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pshim (PowerShell Image Manipulation)

This is a quickly written and poorly tested PowerShell module for image manipulation, basically just a thin set of Cmdlets wrapping the already very friendly ImageSharp .NET API. It's primarily for me to learn about ImageSharp and PowerShell and to have something enjoyable to work on in my spare time. Because ImageSharp is a .NET Core platform-independent library, so is pshim.

Building and Installing

Right now pshim isn't packaged in any way; you just have to grab source, build, and publish to some location and use Import-Module to load it (or publish it to somewhere PowerShell is already looking for modules). The Import-Module command will look something like this:

Import-Module -Name <path_to_publish_directory>/Pshim.dll

Make sure you publish rather than just building, so you get all the dependencies as well as the main DLL.

Sample usage

Get-ChildItem -Path *.jpg | Load-Image | Draw-Text "Hello, World!" -FontStyle Bold -Size 24 -Color White -PenColor Black -RespectDpi -Alignment BottomRight -PadRight 50 | Save-Image -Path { $_.FileInfo.FullName -replace ".jpg","_text.jpg" }

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