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Welcome to Advance2030!

Developer Instructions

  1. If you do not have Ruby setup, please see our getting started instructions
  2. If you do not have Git installed, you can download it for your system at
  3. If you are running Windows or Linux, install sqlite3 by following these instructions
  4. After you have Ruby setup and a development environment ready, install Bundler for managing gem dependencies by running:
    gem install bundler
  5. Fork the advance2030 repository on Github by logging in with your account and clicking the “Fork” button (see for help)
  6. Clone the repository by running the following command in a command line terminal:
    git clone<YOUR GITHUB USERNAME>/advance2030
  7. Switch to the advance2030 directory (cd advance2030)
  8. Install all bundled gems by running
    bundle install
  9. Setup the database by running
    rake db:migrate
  10. Fire up the server by running
    ruby script/server

Workflow Details

After you have finished making changes and are ready for them to go public, follow the instructions under “Pushing your Changes” at The build master will be alerted of your request and eventually merge your changes into the mainline codebase. To keep your copy of the application up to date with the mainline see the instructions under “Pulling in Upstream Changes” at